Virtual Meeting Fashion Part 1: Earrings

Virtual Meeting Fashion Part 1: Earrings

During this pandemic of COVID-19, most of us are staying at home and relying on video conferencing for work meeting, happy hours, exercise instruction, and dance parties.  Below is a list of suggested earrings for each video conference appointment:

Stud earrings Jen Lesea designs

Or, if you prefer dangle earrings that make a statement, stick with something shorter with a unique design, such as these silver hoop drop earrings:

Hoop Drop Earrings Silver Jen Lesea Designs

  • Virtual fitness classes: Since we can't be exercising outdoors to the extent we want to be (i.e. National Parks and U.S. Forest Recreational areas are closed), feel connected to the beauty of the mountains with these mountain stud earrings or copper mountain dangle earrings during a zoom yoga or strength class: 
Mountain Stud Earrings Jen Lesea Designs

Copper Mountain earrings Jen Lesea Designs
  • Virtual Happy Hour and other Social Gatherings:  HERE is where anything goes! What the heck, wear earrings that make a statement and spark conversation, or ones that make you feel confident and happy.  My personal favorites are the Blue Topaz and 14K Gold earrings (great sparkle) and the Silver Hoop Earrings (great movement):
blue Topaz and gold earrings Jen Lesea Designs

Silver Hoop earrings Jen Lesea Designs
Stay tuned for Part 2: "Bling and Video Conferencing: What your Necklaces Say About You" in a few weeks! Stay well, be safe, and remember jewelry is meant to be worn, even if that means we are at home!  


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The Color of 2020: Classic Blue

The Color of 2020: Classic Blue

Last month, the Pantone Color Institute named Classic Blue as the color of the year.  This shade of blue is akin to the sky at dusk, just before evening falls.  Pantone selects the color of the year based not only on trends in fashion but also what is happening globally. 

According to the Pantone Color Institute, "it recognized similar feelings [as in 1999] of instability gripping the world today, from the United States to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Syria and across the globe. It settled on a shade that offers the reassurance, confidence and connection that people may be searching for in an uncertain global milieu."

Personally, this is my favorite color; I even had my first car, a 1973 Toyota Celica, custom painted this shade of blue!  It is also a great excuse for me to create more one-of-a-kind pieces with blue sapphires, London blue topaz, and lapis.  Here are a couple classic blue-inspired sapphire necklaces that are currently in stock:

Sapphire PendantSapphire birthstone necklaces

Stay tuned for more Jen Lesea Designs Classic Blue-inspired jewelry!  It is my intention that seeing this color instills a feeling of calm for you.  

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Hello 2020!

Hello 2020!

I am so excited for a new year and, a new decade!  At the beginning of 2010, I was working 7 (yes, 7) part-time jobs to make ends meet.  I closed 2019 with my best year to date for Jen Lesea Designs.  A lot can happen in a decade; a lot of living and working was done which included, but not limited to, retiring from my fitness career, focusing on my jewelry business full-time, receiving a shocking diagnosis of hip dysplasia, undergoing 2 major hip surgeries which included 6 pelvic fractures, 6 screws in my hips, 6 months on crutches, and learning how to walk again, creating my own studio so I have a private place to work, acquiring new friends, pursuing new travels, and getting new fur-babies. Whew!  Thank you for being part of my journey: in my business and/or personal life.  I am grateful.

So, with that blast of a recap on the past decade, I am happy to share what I have planned for 2020 and beyond:

  • Release my new "Radiant" collection in summer 2020.
  • Expand my wholesale business so my jewelry can be sold in more stores and galleries nationwide
  • Expand my on-line offerings 
  • Decrease the number of live events, yet sticking with my tried-and-true shows 
  • Expand my public relations outreach

I am dedicated to continuing the following: 

One of my favorite things about being a jewelry artist is the people I connect with, and I hope to see or hear from you in 2020!  As always, I am just an email or phone call away so if you have any questions or jewelry needs, please contact me!

Wishing you health, joy, and peace in 2020!


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Traveling with Jewelry: Care and Tips

Traveling with Jewelry: Care and Tips

I don't think I know a single woman who has packed jewelry for a trip, only to find  necklaces a tangled mess.  Or have you found yourself wondering, "Where is the match to my favorite earring?" Only to find it in your shoe, or hooked on a bra...(yes, I'm guilty).

I know a lot of you will be traveling this month for the holidays, so here are my top 3 tips for jewelry care on the road.  For more tips, you can download and print my full Jewelry Travel Care Guide for free!  

1. Take a photo of what you will be bringing.  This digital inventory will remind you what you brought so when you pack for your return trip, you will not leave anything behind!

2. Store rings and earrings in a 7-day pill box to keep them organized.  The trick is to remember to put them back after wearing!

storing rings and earrings

3.  Prevent necklace tangling by storing necklaces in a small zip baggie with ends hanging out.  Storing silver jewelry this way will help prevent tarnishing.

storing necklace chains

Or, use a paper straw (not plastic!) for thin-chain necklaces:

storing necklaces

Last but not least, if you take care of your jewelry, it will last!  Never swim in jewelry (chlorine, sulfur, and seawater can react with metals), avoid sleeping, showering, or exercising while wearing jewelry, and clean as needed.  For more tips and specifics on care, download my jewelry travel care guide today!

Happy trails and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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2019 Jen Lesea Designs Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Jen Lesea Designs Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season of cheer...and being bombarded with ads of what to buy for those most special to you.  Its my wish for you that this season you can shop stress-free, in the comfort of your own home, while still supporting independent artists and handmade.  In fact, I am going to go a step further to make holiday shopping easy and convenient:  I am offering a complimentary service of being your personal  holiday concierge. All you need to do is email me your list and budget for each person, and I will reply with suggestions from my jewelry line.  You can call me with any questions as well! Then you just add to cart, pay and they will ship in beautiful gift boxes, ready for gifting!  In the meantime, check out my top picks for holiday gifts!


birthstone necklace Mountain jewelry  silver earrings


Mountain pin Money clips  tie bar


Personalized jewelry bronze mountain pendant  stacking rings


(Mountain jewelry online sales has a portion of proceeds going to the National Park Foundation to help preserve out national parks)

Silver mountain jewelry mountain necklaces  Mountain jewelry for hikers

If you have any questions, PLEASE drop me an email or call me; I pride myself in awesome customer service!  Wishing you the best holiday season!


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Where to Eat, Shop, and Play for Balloon Fiesta

Where to Eat, Shop, and Play for Balloon Fiesta

I woke up at 4:15 this morning to get ready for work, and I realized most people are already on their way to the Balloon Fiesta grounds in Albuquerque to see the "Mass Ascension."  Some may argue that witnessing the flight of hundreds of hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes is some sort of spiritual experience.  It is certainly a must-see!  

This is my 4th year at the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival - Balloon Fiesta Show held at the Sandia Resort and Casino, and my 6th time to Albuquerque this year.  I thought I would share my favorite things to do in Albuquerque for the time you are not on the Balloon Fiesta grounds:


  • Albuquerque is becoming known for being a foodie town.  Since I am a traveling artist, I appreciate good food and good service at a decent price.  My favorite restaurant is Flying Star, where one can find a variety of eats, with vegetarian and gluten free options, and where breakfast is served all day.  Be sure to save room for dessert; their pies are to die for! (My favorite is the Key Lime pie).  Locations in the North Valley and Northeast Heights (Nob Hill location is currently closed for renovation).
  • If you want big portions and good Mexican Food, go to Sadie's on 4th St. In true New Mexican Fashion the green chile sauce is legit and they serve potatoes instead of rice as a side.  You can order margaritas by the carafe for everyone to enjoy.  
  • If you find yourself in Old Town and are looking for a more upscale ambiance, High Noon won't disappoint.  Housed in one of Old Town's original buildings dating back to 1785, dining there is certainly a unique experience!
  • If you want to splurge and have a 5 star dining experience, dine at El Campo on the Los Poblanos Inn and Lavender Farm.  While I have not personally eaten there, I have heard nothing but amazing things from friends and family. More about Los Poblanos in the next section.


  • Whether you want to get a special souvenir or get a head start on your holiday shopping, you can find unique gifts in Albuquerque. During Balloon Fiesta (weekends only), the 31st Annual Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Show is being held under the big white tent at the Sandia Resort and Casino.  Over 150 artists from across the country are selling their handcrafted art.  You can find jewelry (insert shameless plug: I am booth C-28), photography, Balloon Fiesta-themed crafts, and even killer wood cutting boards.  There is live music and great food trucks too!  
  • If you are in Old Town, there are plenty of galleries and gift shops, but if you want to shop a beautifully curated collection of New Mexico-themed  products (and food - they sell the best salsa!) a must is the Albuquerque Museum Store.  They have everything, and I love their book selection (and did I mention the salsa?). Note: the store and museum is closed on Mondays.
  • If you aren't going to eat at El Campo, at the very minimum visit the Los Poblanos Farm Shop, where you can get all things lavender that was harvested just outside of the shop.  Grab a coffee or tea at the Farm Shop cafe and sit outside and enjoy the serene view of the lavender fields and Sandia Mountains.  


  • My favorite thing to do is hike.  For a lung-busting workout you can hike the La Luz Trail on the western side of the Sandias or head to the less crowded eastern side for a number of hikes outside of Cedarcrest.
  • Tram:  if you aren't going to hike to the top of the Sandias, take the Tram to the top and enjoy amazing views.  The restaurant is now open so you can enjoy a beverage or lunch at over 10,000 feet!  
  • Museums:  My favorite is the Albuquerque Museum in Old Town, but there is also the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and specialty museums such as the Turquoise Museum.  There are too many amazing museums to list here; but you can research the top 10 Museums by Trip Advisor.  

I hope you have an amazing time in Albuquerque!  If you took any of my recommendations, I want to hear how your experience was, please contact me!  

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Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends and How to Wear Them Everyday

Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends and How to Wear Them Everyday

You don't have to be avant-garde to enjoy this season's fashion trends. Here are practical ways you can apply my 3 favorite jewelry fashion trends into your everyday life.

1.  Neo-parisian.  Pearls are back!  Layer your mother's or grandmother's pearls with a modern pearl pendant such as this Fused Birthstone Freshwater Pearl Necklace: 

Tahitian pearl and 18K gold necklace

2.  Punk.  Along with choker necklaces, stacked piercings are HOT! My Stud earrings come in all sizes and can be worn together or mismatched for an asymmetrical look:   

Silver and Gold Triangle Stud Earrings

3.  Color.  In contrast to the punk trend of metal, over-sized chains, and stacked piercings, colorful jewelry is trending.  If you mostly wear grays, black, and earth tones, this fall is the time to play with a pop of color via jewelry.  Gemstone jewelry is colorful and often sparks a conversation,  such as this rare gaspeite and sterling silver cuff bracelet:  

Gaspeite Silver cuff Bracelet

What are you favorite ways to wear your jewelry?  I want to know!  Contact me with a pic and a little bit about how you love to wear jewelry (i.e. solo/minimalist or layered/stacked) and you may be featured on my Instagram and Facebook stories!  


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Art Shows Do's and Dont's: An Etiquette Guide for All

Art Shows Do's and Dont's: An Etiquette Guide for All

Art shows across the country enable artists to earn a living selling their art, and for patrons, to buy art that may not be readily available online or through retail stores and galleries.  After doing over 300 juried art shows the past 10 years, I thought it was time to provide a simple etiquette guide for attendees and artists to make art shows enjoyable for all!


  • DO ask about the artist's story and process.  We all have a unique story, process, and inspiration behind our art.
  • DO ask if its ok to touch art and/or take pictures.  Many artists do not allow photography of art.
  • DO follow your favorite artists on social media (if you engage with social media).  It is a great way to keep track of what we are up to on a daily basis!
  • DON'T let your children touch art.  This can increase risk of damage and/or breakage of art and displays, which you may be held liable.
  • DON'T bring your dogs to an art show if the weather is above 80 degrees and the location is on concrete and/or sidewalks.  Dog's paws can burn and its very upsetting to witness this, and painful for your furry friend!
  • DON'T bargain our prices.  Art shows is a way many artists earn a full-time living.  Please honor the artists' pricing, as I believe many of us are offering our best price.  That said, some artists will do a quantity or a set discount, so if you are buying multiple pieces, it doesn't hurt to politely ask.


  • DO smile and greet every person that comes into your booth.  You don't have to do a hard sell,  just let them know you are there to be of assistance.
  • DO have a sign up sheet so your fans can provide their email so you can let them know where you will be next, and any future promotions you may be offering (i.e. free shipping for holiday).
  • DO get to know your customer.  If you have a patron who is interested in a piece of art, ask them questions. In general, most people love friendly conversation. I can't tell you how many times people have bought from me over another artist because I was friendly and helpful.
  • DON'T have your head buried in your cell phone to the point where you aren't aware who is in your booth.  That gives the message you are disinterested and disconnected from the show. 
  • DON'T complain when you are in your booth; even if a show is slow, you never know who may be listening.  Negative talk spreads like a cancer, best not to engage.
  • DON'T have flimsy weights for your tent.  Cinder blocks, 1-gallon water jugs, and similar items are not only unprofessional, but pose a hazard to patrons and surrounding artists should inclement weather occur.  Standard is 40 pounds per leg, some art shows require minimum 50 pounds per leg, and a few require 100 pounds per leg. 

What is your favorite art show to attend or participate in?  Be sure to follow them on social media and thank the show director, staff, and volunteers!  Its unusual and fun (and sometimes really hard) way to make a living but I wouldn't have it any other way!  I hope to see you at one of my future events!  


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How To Layer Necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces

Now that summer is in full swing it is time to quit layering our clothes and start to layer our necklaces!  While layering necklaces is on trend this season, it can be intimidating to get a great look.  Here are some easy, no-fuss tips on how to layer your favorite necklaces:

Consider neckline of shirt and style.  The length of the necklaces should compliment, not compete with your neckline.  Also, is your shirt a solid color or a print?  A solid color can lend to a statement pendant necklace as the focal point, while dainty necklaces compliment a pattern:

Birthstone Neckalces Layered Jen Lesea Designs

Consider number of necklaces.  While many agree an odd number (rule of 3) is best for layering, I have seen 2 necklaces in 14 and 16 inches or 16 and 18 inches work, as long they are are a similar metal color and style:

Bar necklaces Jen Lesea Designs

Consider necklace length.  Its best to layer necklaces that are at least 2 inches apart, especially if they have a pendant.  Popular combinations are:

16 & 18 inches
16, 18, 20 inches
14 (choker) & 18 inches
16, 18, & 30 inches 
If your necklaces aren't an ideal length, you can add a chain extender to get your desired look.  
Necklace Lengths on neck
Break the rules. Mix and match chain types (box chain with snake chain), metal types (rose gold with yellow gold), and styles (chain only with a chunky pendant necklaces).  Have fun and wear your new layered look with confidence!  
Do you have a favorite layered look? Post on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @jenleseadesigns so I can see the perfect combination for you!  


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2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

Its June, the sun is shining, and its time to start thinking about Father's Day!  Below are my suggested one-of-a-kind gifts for all the dads in your life!  Click on the images to be directed to the collection.  Questions or want a custom piece made?  Contact me today and I am happy to help you with your gifting needs!

Mountain money clip, mountain tie tack, mountain cufflinks

So he can keep the mountains close no matter where he is!  Our best-selling mountain collection is a go-to for gift giving, and was featured in Ultra Running Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide!  Prices start at $35.

Silver and gold money clips, cufflinks, tie bar for Fathers Day gifts

For the dad who loves original luxe goods, our 18K gold and oxidized sterling silver accessories will become a favorite for years to come. Prices start at $150.

Copper and sterling silver gifts for dad money clips, cufflings, tie bars

For the dad who prefers t-shirts and jeans on the weekend, our copper and sterling silver accessories are winners!  They can be worn at the office as well as at the local brewery.  Prices starts at $125.

Sterling silver cufflinks, money clips, tie bars. Unique gifts for Father's Day

For the dad who likes to express his individuality, our sterling silver accessories spark conversation in or out of the office. Prices start at $100.

The above is just a sampling that I have for men, I invite you to look at my men's rings and full men's collection.  Again, please contact me if you have any questions or want to consider something custom for the special dad in your life!  


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