Virtual Meeting Fashion Part 1: Earrings

Virtual Meeting Fashion Part 1: Earrings

During this pandemic of COVID-19, most of us are staying at home and relying on video conferencing for work meeting, happy hours, exercise instruction, and dance parties.  Below is a list of suggested earrings for each video conference appointment:

Stud earrings Jen Lesea designs

Or, if you prefer dangle earrings that make a statement, stick with something shorter with a unique design, such as these silver hoop drop earrings:

Hoop Drop Earrings Silver Jen Lesea Designs

  • Virtual fitness classes: Since we can't be exercising outdoors to the extent we want to be (i.e. National Parks and U.S. Forest Recreational areas are closed), feel connected to the beauty of the mountains with these mountain stud earrings or copper mountain dangle earrings during a zoom yoga or strength class: 
Mountain Stud Earrings Jen Lesea Designs

Copper Mountain earrings Jen Lesea Designs
  • Virtual Happy Hour and other Social Gatherings:  HERE is where anything goes! What the heck, wear earrings that make a statement and spark conversation, or ones that make you feel confident and happy.  My personal favorites are the Blue Topaz and 14K Gold earrings (great sparkle) and the Silver Hoop Earrings (great movement):
blue Topaz and gold earrings Jen Lesea Designs

Silver Hoop earrings Jen Lesea Designs
Stay tuned for Part 2: "Bling and Video Conferencing: What your Necklaces Say About You" in a few weeks! Stay well, be safe, and remember jewelry is meant to be worn, even if that means we are at home!  


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