Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends

I'm not a die-hard fashion forward person, but I like to see what's hot in regards to jewelry design for each season. After a bit of research, here are my top 3 favorite jewelry trends for Spring:

1. Colorful Gems:


I love gemstones so this trend makes me very happy.  Check out my Radiance birthstone gem necklaces, which come in every colorful birthstone available!

Pink tourmaline sunburst necklace by Jen Lesea Designs

2. Cuff Bracelets:

I swear I didn't know this would be a hot trend when I created not one, not two, but NINE new skinny cuff bracelets for this year!  And guess what? They are a big hit! 

Check out my new Mountain skinny cuff and Reflections skinny cuff bracelets, available in a variety of finishes and metals.  

Wave inspired skinny cuff bracelets by Jen Lesea Designs

3. Bright Statement Rings:

For me, this is all about making big and bright gemstone rings, and I'm all for it!  My personal favorite is my one-of-a-kind chrysoprase geometric statement ring, with a custom textured square sterling silver band.  Be sure to check back soon for new releases!  

Jen Lesea Designs chrysoprase ring

To view all my designs, I invite you to explore all my collections.  Wishing you a very happy Spring!  


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Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends and How to Wear Them Everyday

Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends and How to Wear Them Everyday

You don't have to be avant-garde to enjoy this season's fashion trends. Here are practical ways you can apply my 3 favorite jewelry fashion trends into your everyday life.

1.  Neo-parisian.  Pearls are back!  Layer your mother's or grandmother's pearls with a modern pearl pendant such as this Fused Birthstone Freshwater Pearl Necklace: 

Tahitian pearl and 18K gold necklace

2.  Punk.  Along with choker necklaces, stacked piercings are HOT! My Stud earrings come in all sizes and can be worn together or mismatched for an asymmetrical look:   

Silver and Gold Triangle Stud Earrings

3.  Color.  In contrast to the punk trend of metal, over-sized chains, and stacked piercings, colorful jewelry is trending.  If you mostly wear grays, black, and earth tones, this fall is the time to play with a pop of color via jewelry.  Gemstone jewelry is colorful and often sparks a conversation,  such as this rare gaspeite and sterling silver cuff bracelet:  

Gaspeite Silver cuff Bracelet

What are you favorite ways to wear your jewelry?  I want to know!  Contact me with a pic and a little bit about how you love to wear jewelry (i.e. solo/minimalist or layered/stacked) and you may be featured on my Instagram and Facebook stories!  


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