Giving Back

International Hip Dysplasia Institute
My diagnosis of hip dysplasia at the age of 39, a disease that I only thought occurred in dogs, was life-changing.  Because of the physical impact of hip dysplasia and two hip preservation surgeries, I was forced to retire from my fitness career.  Because hip dysplasia is often missed or misdiagnosed, I decided my charity of choice is the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).  IHDI is dedicated to research in better diagnosing and treating this complicated hip disease in children and adults.  A portion of my online sales is donated to IHDI.  


National Park Foundation

As a California native and a former fitness professional, I have spent countless hours hiking, running, and simply enjoying the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Rocky Mountains. I have a deep respect and appreciation for Mother Nature, and believe in conserving our environment.  A portion of my online sales from my Mountain and Radiance Collections go to the National Park Foundation.