Living Coral:  The Color of 2019 and What You Need to Know

Living Coral: The Color of 2019 and What You Need to Know

Spring has sprung and I feel like we are finally thawing out from winter!  With warmer temps on the horizon, this is the perfect time to dive into the color for 2019: Pantone's Living Coral 16-1546.  Every year, the color experts at Pantone's Color Institute searches for color influences across the globe in fashion, entertainment, art, and technology to determine the winner for the upcoming year.  Living coral was selected for its uplifting and energizing tone, which also has a softer side than a true orange or red.  

While you won't see me starting to create jewelry from coral due to my ethical and environmental values on conservation, I am here to let you know there are options in other stones and that would compliment your coral clothes and accessories!  Below are my top 3 stones (and a bonus):

1.  Turquoise.  When I first saw the 2019 Color of the Year, I just wanted to add a pop of deep blue; which is the perfect contrast.  A turquoise statement ring or a silver and turquoise pendant will do the trick.

2.  Amethyst.  Similar to turquoise, the deep hue of purple can add a punch; but  it shouldn't be overdone.  A simple amethyst charm pendant or earrings with an amethyst accent stone would be a perfect accent. 

3.  Pearls.  Whether the pearls are cream or gray, the soft luster of a pearl pendant or earrings are a beautiful understated addition to your coral outfit.  

BONUS:  Silver.  Ok, silver is not a stone, but it makes the cut as the preferred metal to compliment Living Coral.  While the warm tones of gold and copper would likely get lost, the cool tone of silver is the perfect final touch for your 2019 Color of the Year outfit.  Go for statement silver earrings, 5-7 silver stacking rings, or a statement cuff bracelet.

How fun was that?  I am now inspired to dig out my (ethically-sourced) Tahitian pearls and turquoise stones and make some new pieces for summer!  Want something made specifically for you?  Email me and I am happy to set up a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.  

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