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Jewelry inspired by the textures and elements of nature, which connects you to the places and people you love. Finely crafted by hand in Colorado.


The Great Outdoors

As a former triathlete and coach, Jen has spent countless hours running, hiking, and swimming in California, Hawaii, and Colorado. Her designs are inspired by the places where she still loves to recreate.

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Fusing Metal

Jen creates all her designs by a process of fusing sterling silver. In fusing, only heat with a torch and flux are used, (no solder), to meld the hand-cut pieces of silver (or gold) to its base. The piece is then finished by hand using time-honored metalsmithing fabrication techniques. If a 14K gold piece is being created, this silver model is used for it to be cast into 14K yellow, white, or rose gold.

Jen's Story

The Result

Textural Mixed Metal & 14K Jewelry

Once the piece is completed, the result is a durable piece of jewelry that blends modern and organic design that connects you to your happy place, wherever you may be.

"For me, all her pieces (I have many) touches my memories of playing for some years in the Rockies. Her art is a meditation on beauty in nature." - Paula H.

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The Result

Connected, Happy Clients

“When I made the decision of wanting to propose to my fiancé, I started the never-ending process of trying to find the right jeweler. Then I was referred to Jen. Jen talked me thorough the whole process and paid attention to every detail of what to what my fiancé wanted, even down to the engraving inside the ring. The ring is perfect. Jen was very helpful through each and every step, and very friendly with the availability to call or text 24/7 with questions or concerns. I didn't feel pressured or rushed. Jen created the perfect ring for the perfect girl. I can't thank Jen enough!"

- CJ Edwards

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