Core Values

When you buy jewelry, you have a choice.  You may buy based on price. Or buy based on brand. Or buy based on a company's story and values. Or a combination thereof.

Here's what we believe in:  

Reducing our carbon footprint.

All the metals we use are refined or recycled. We hand-select our stones from reputable gem dealers who are members of the American Gem Trade Association, who abide by ethical mining and sourcing practices. We use non-toxic chemicals (i.e. pickle and flux), and we recycle everything that is possible to recycle, even down to the silver dust that is sanded from a piece.


Being animal friendly.

None of our jewelry or studio equipment contains animal products. No leather or feathers. Our polishing compounds are vegan (many compounds have animal fat as a by-product).

Supporting "Made in the USA." 

We work with American vendors whenever possible.  Our metal vendors are based in New Mexico, and they use and sell metal that has been refined in the United States.

In giving back. 

A portion from each online sale goes to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and for the mountain jewelry, to the National Park Foundation.
Donations are made on an annual basis in the fourth quarter.

Doing the right thing. 

We give exceptional customer service.  We're of our word, we have a quick response time, and we'll right a wrong. 
At the end of the day, all we have is our reputation and it's important to us that we exceed our customer's expectations.