Traveling with Jewelry: Care and Tips

Traveling with Jewelry: Care and Tips

I don't think I know a single woman who has packed jewelry for a trip, only to find  necklaces a tangled mess.  Or have you found yourself wondering, "Where is the match to my favorite earring?" Only to find it in your shoe, or hooked on a bra...(yes, I'm guilty).

I know a lot of you will be traveling this month for the holidays, so here are my top 3 tips for jewelry care on the road.  For more tips, you can download and print my full Jewelry Travel Care Guide for free!  

1. Take a photo of what you will be bringing.  This digital inventory will remind you what you brought so when you pack for your return trip, you will not leave anything behind!

2. Store rings and earrings in a 7-day pill box to keep them organized.  The trick is to remember to put them back after wearing!

storing rings and earrings

3.  Prevent necklace tangling by storing necklaces in a small zip baggie with ends hanging out.  Storing silver jewelry this way will help prevent tarnishing.

storing necklace chains

Or, use a paper straw (not plastic!) for thin-chain necklaces:

storing necklaces

Last but not least, if you take care of your jewelry, it will last!  Never swim in jewelry (chlorine, sulfur, and seawater can react with metals), avoid sleeping, showering, or exercising while wearing jewelry, and clean as needed.  For more tips and specifics on care, download my jewelry travel care guide today!

Happy trails and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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