How To Layer Necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces

Now that summer is in full swing it is time to quit layering our clothes and start to layer our necklaces!  While layering necklaces is on trend this season, it can be intimidating to get a great look.  Here are some easy, no-fuss tips on how to layer your favorite necklaces:

Consider neckline of shirt and style.  The length of the necklaces should compliment, not compete with your neckline.  Also, is your shirt a solid color or a print?  A solid color can lend to a statement pendant necklace as the focal point, while dainty necklaces compliment a pattern:

Birthstone Neckalces Layered Jen Lesea Designs

Consider number of necklaces.  While many agree an odd number (rule of 3) is best for layering, I have seen 2 necklaces in 14 and 16 inches or 16 and 18 inches work, as long they are are a similar metal color and style:

Bar necklaces Jen Lesea Designs

Consider necklace length.  Its best to layer necklaces that are at least 2 inches apart, especially if they have a pendant.  Popular combinations are:

16 & 18 inches
16, 18, 20 inches
14 (choker) & 18 inches
16, 18, & 30 inches 
If your necklaces aren't an ideal length, you can add a chain extender to get your desired look.  
Necklace Lengths on neck
Break the rules. Mix and match chain types (box chain with snake chain), metal types (rose gold with yellow gold), and styles (chain only with a chunky pendant necklaces).  Have fun and wear your new layered look with confidence!  
Do you have a favorite layered look? Post on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @jenleseadesigns so I can see the perfect combination for you!  


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