Connect Your Jewelry Style with Your Passion

Connect Your Jewelry Style with Your Passion

I gave some considerable thought to my welcome on my home page.  After several revisions, it dawned on me: my collections reflect a certain driven passion.  So, what is your passion?  

  • Do you live for the weekends to spend in the mountains or at the beach?  
  • Do you crave adventure and your vacations are centered around bucket-list items?
  • Do you invest in one-of-a-kind, handcrafted art for your home, gift art to your friends, and love spending weekends shopping at art shows?  
  • Do you have an unconventional life and do not subscribe to social norms?  
  • Or are you, like me, a combination of these things?  

If you love spending time in nature, you may be drawn to jewelry that is nature themed (such as my Mountain Love jewelry collection) or jewelry that incorporates elements of nature, such as natural stones, which can be found in my Gemstone jewelry collection.

If you crave adventure, you may need jewelry that travels well and can be worn with multiple outfits as you are jet-setting to your next destination to surf in Costa Rica or kayak in New Zealand.  Versatile jewelry found in my Personalized jewelry collection serves that need.

If you are an art enthusiast, you may enjoy wearing jewelry inspired by art deco or a statement piece that will turn heads and start up a conversation.  My Sterling Silver or Gemstone jewelry collections are mini works of wearable art.  

If you are a free spirit who loves modern rustic and bohemian styles, my Mixed Metal jewelry collection has a perfect blend of rustic and organic elements.  

Or, maybe you are like me, who one day wears a dainty birthstone necklace but another day wears a wide labradorite cuff bracelet as a statement piece for a night out.  I invite you to peruse my website to find your next favorite accessory.  I would love to know what your favorites are!  

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