What's New for 2021

What's New for 2021

Happy New Year! Now that I know that my business can survive a pandemic, I am so excited for start a new year with less stress.  I am in the midst of planning for 2021, which includes the possibility of live events happening again; I have missed seeing all my customers in person!  I know live events can be held outdoors in a safe manner, (I did 3 of them in late summer/fall) so hopefully soon my Events page will be back on my website with my upcoming events.

In addition to live events, here is what I have in store for this year:

  • Updated logo.¬† As my designs evolve, so does my branding.¬† My logo was in need¬†of a refresh: I wanted a more modern, universal look which encompasses all of my collections.¬† Hence, my graphic was made smaller and now there is a larger focus on my name:

Jen Lesea Designs new logo

  • Updated packaging.¬† As much as I loved¬† the design of my fancy gift boxes, the foam inserts were not recyclable and this really bothered me. Now that I have used all my old boxes, I found a box manufacturer in Michigan (!) and will be getting boxes that are 100% made from recycled content that you can use for other gifting needs. The¬†paper wrap which will slide over the box will have my logo and that can be recycled.¬† I am also looking into branded jewelry pouches so your Jen Lesea Designs jewelry can be stored safely for years to come! Here is picture of samples of what I want (photo by Michigan City Paper Company):

Gift boxes

  • New Collection.¬†¬†This has been on my mind since last summer, and my recent time in Hawaii has inspired a new collection, which I hope to have released by summer.¬† Here is one of my favorite pictures¬†sparking inspiration:


  • FAQ Page.¬†Here is where I need your help: please message me any questions you may have about my jewelry (including care, etc.) and I will create this page which will be posted on my website.
  • More Video.¬† I really don't like¬†recording myself, but I see it as the easiest way for me to connect with you, and with practice, I hope to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. With video, I better share my story, which includes my "why", my process, and my inspiration.¬† If you aren't following me on social media, you¬†can do so on Facebook and Instagram (@jenleseadesigns) in order to catch my FB and IG live videos.
  • Raffles/Giveaways.¬†If you follow me on social media and are part of my Insider's Club,¬†you'll be able to win my jewelry at zero or very little cost (i.e. raffle ticket).¬† More details to follow; be sure you add my email address (jennifer@jenleseadesigns.com) to your safe contacts list so my emails don't go in your spam folder!

What else would you like to see: a studio tour?  My process?  More fur baby photos?  Let me know!  

Wishing you good health and happiness in 2021.  I hope to see you soon!  

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