I strive to exceed my customer's expectations, because happy customers make me happy! Read on about what is being said about Jen Lesea Designs!   

"I love my new earrings!  They are elegant and edgy, an abstract mountain snow storm, with cool variety of textures.  I'm wearing them right now, too!" - Jessica D.

Opal and Silver ring Jen Lesea Designs
“A warm, special woman with an extraordinary aesthetic and unique design sense. Beautiful stones in understated yet interesting and imaginative settings. A joyfully dangerous place for my pocketbook!” – Jody S.

Birthstone Charms Jen Lesea Designs
“I bought 6 of your wrapped birthstones on a chain in Tempe last weekend. I have had many compliments on it, so thanks for the beauty. Next time I hope to buy one of your metalwork pendants!” ~Linda H.

Mountain Necklace Jen Lesea Designs
"We LOVE having Jen Lesea's unique jewelry in our art gallery.  Jen's work speaks to many people and the sales have proven that.  Her one-of-a kind pieces are versatile with the "mountain" themed pieces being a big draw for us.  We have enjoyed carrying her jewelry so much, we now have it displayed in our front jewelry case!  There's something for everyone!" -Tamara Jarolimek, Aspen and Evergreen Gallery, Estes Park, CO
    Silver ring Jen Lesea Designs
    "I received and have been wearing the silver band you made for me. It’s lovely! Very comfortable and very attractive. I’ve been showing it off!" - Jennifer G.